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Power point tracking Pumpmaster with 220V connection.

The ACDC Pumpmaster is designed to optimize the flow of power from solar panels to WaterMax water pumps. It does this by monitoring panel voltage and motor current and using this information, sets the pump at maximum throughput. The unit has no user adjustable parts inside apart from a four pole DIP switch which is used to set the current trip point and maximum pump voltage. The unit is equipped with a facility to accommodate pumping from a generator or other 220V AC source. The 220V connection is activated immediately when 220V AC is connected to the unit. Either the DC or AC side can be operative but not simultaneously. The unit can be used via an AC power supply without using solar modules, but it must be emphasized that it should be done in case of an emergency only, because the WaterMax pumps are manufactured for 8 hour operation per 24-hour cycle only. Using the AC side only could result in excessive hours of operation and could affect the warranty.  When disconnecting the AC power supply during sun hours, the unit will automatically return to DC operation.

The current and voltage DIP switch settings are indicated on the printed circuit board right next to the DIP switches. The following are the maximum settings for each pump, which also determines the voltage allowed to the pump from the AC side:

WaterMax OA and OB - 6A and 34V
WaterMax OA48 - 6A and 51V
WaterMax WA, WB and WC - 6A and 64V
WaterMax WA48 - 6A and 51V
WaterMax WD - 6A and 34V
WaterMax PSA, PSB, PSC and WSA - 11A and 64V
WaterMax BU - 8A and 64V

The DC side of the ACDC Pumpmaster automatically reads the voltage from the solar module(s) which in effect means that it needs no manual adjustment to achieve the maximum power point position. Thereafter the Pumpmaster re-adjusts itself every 15 seconds to the optimum power point at prevailing conditions. This results in maximum efficiency and higher flow rates.

The unit operates from 15Vdc to 100Vdc (ACDC units manufactured later than October 2012 operates from 15Vdc to 150Vdc) and needs no manual adjustment as it tracks the prevailing conditions. Maximum current is 11Adc. The current potection is intelligent as it will shutdown and then start again automatically if conditions permit. This is useful in restarting under slurry or iced situations. The pumpmaster will attempt three times at five minute intervals, after which it switches over to half hour intervals.

Protection for water in the pump motor compartment is provided and the trip point voltage for this is determined by the micro-controller in order to minimise the likelihood of false trips from too sensitive a setting.

Low water shutdown is also provided by monitoring an AC signal (to prevent oxidisation of the probes). When the level of the water is high enough, the pumpmaster will allow the pump to run should the other prevailing conditions be suitable.

A float switch circuit allows the system to stop pumping when the dam/reservoir is full. 

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