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The WaterMax WSA uses more and larger solar modules (80W - 120W +/- 21VOC), 4 in series or up to 8 in series-parallel to cater for higher flow rates on total heads up to 160m. 

Maximum Head: 160m
Pump Mass: 14kg
Pump Outlet: 25mm
Pump Diameter: 114mm

Your complete kit includes:

Watermax High Efficiency Pump, Solar Module with frame & brackets & fittings, Solar Module Frame (excluding 1 X 3m X 76mm pole for 4-module systems and 2 poles for 5 - 8 module systems), DC150 MPPT Auto Pumpmaster(control box), Submersible Cable (installation depth + 5m), SABS approved HDPE pipe, Safety Rope (installation depth + 5m), Base Plate, Elbow, Male Adaptors, Cable Ties, Stainless Steel Barrel Nipple, Brass Non-return Valve, Splicing kit (splicing done in factory)and Operating Manual.


Manufactured from stainless steel, high quality bronze and anodised aluminium
Pumps are serviceable (manufactured in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with various outlets globally)
Maintenance friendly
Has silent operation and is therefore environmentally friendly
Can be moved from camp to camp as stock is rotated Ideal for homes, farms, game and livestock watering
Installed below the water level in a borehole, lake cistern or stream
It hangs from HDPE (plastic) pipe
Simplicity is the key feature
All accessories are non-corrosive
Fitted with an equalizing diaphragm to compensate for submergence pressures
Used extensively by world renowned game parks in Africa  

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