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Our 3-phase solar pumping systems are designed to allow maximum performance under most conditions for 8 hours or more per day. These are mainly for irrigation purposes and other applications where direct pumping from a solar array without using a battery bank is feasible.
Examples of systems we have designed include hourly flow rates of up to 120 000 litres at total heads of up to 200m.
Thousands of different pump and solar array combinations are possible. It is best to request a quote, furnishing the following information:
Depth of the borehole or other source
Water level in the borehole
Yield of the borehole
Distance from the borehole to the delivery point
Surface lift over the aforesaid distance
Pipe size over the aforesaid distance
Required daily flow rate (or hourly flow rate in which case the required number of flow hours must also be indicated) 

Why the All Power WaterMax 3-Phase Water Pumping Systems?

All Power is a reputable company established in 1975 and with an excellent track record and impeccable after sales service.
Our solar modules are prime with top efficiencies. Our frames are engineer designed, galvanised, seasonally adjustable, and easy to assemble, complete with all bolts and nuts.
Our inverters are the latest top technology units for peace of mind. Our system design is such that 8 to 9 hours full operation in accordance with the designed flow rate can be expected, even under most cloudy conditions.


Phenomenal performance under cloudy conditions

2.6km from the borehole under cloudy conditionsSolar array for this 3-Phase system in Steytlerville


Very neat job

Crystal clear and naturalWoof 'Sun or shade?Water is life!


Top quality engineer designed, seasonally adjusted galvanized framesExtremely reliable energy source